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From the ethereal beauty of the English landscape to distress and decay in the urban streetscape. From the smallest details to the widest visions of the natural and the man-made world. From the incandescent brightness of being to the darkness within. My world is diverse and multi-faceted, a world of infinite layers and limitless inspiration.

This is Atelier Photosynthetic where the image on the retina, or in the viewfinder, is just the beginning. I live my life through a twisted lens, with realism and abstraction in a constant state of flux, seeking the resonance in an image which makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Fine art prints are available for sale in the Atelier Artfinder Shop in a range of sizes on sumptuous Hahnemühle paper, along with gallery-wrap canvases and stunning ultra-modern aluminium mountings. Whether you wish to frame yourself, or receive a complete piece sleekly mounted and ready-to-hang, these are gallery-quality prints either for interior design or the serious collector.

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